SNS Tuning, the ONLY tuners in the WORLD to have successfully eliminated Digi-Lag!

Accept NO imitations!

G40 No Lag Chips have been completed!

After many months of development and coding, we are proud to announce that the G40 can now also benefit from the elimination of Digi-Lag.


The current generation No Lag code: Generation III

We are proud to reveal to you our continual development in the revolutionary "No Lag" family of code. After much development we have successfully eliminated the reliance on the WOT switch. No longer does the ECU have to wait for a WOT signal before switching to map! Do you want to be in closed loop mode with significant boost built up on partial throttle? We can now induce correct enrichment under partial throttle when the engine is under positive boost pressure without switch reliance.

No Lag III is also a more aggressive Digifant eliminating code for an even better enrichment process.

All our G60 and G40 chips incorporate this version.