The SNS Saga began in Atlanta Georgia where Sam Brown and Danny Watts, who both owned G60's joined talents to satisfy their power needs. SNS Tuning was born. It was only after ground-breaking development that both Sam and Danny realised they could extend the fruits of their labour to help fellow G60 owners get more from their motors and so they took their technology public. SNS Tuning was formed through a passion for performance not sales. With continual development, second to none customer support and a unique product, SNS established itself on the forefront of G60 Tuning Stateside.

The most respected G60 chip tuners in the States now needed to share their knowledge across the pond and this is where Bilal was welcomed to the family.

With the purchase of his G60 Rallye, Bilal was ready for some serious tuning. All the regular avenues were pursued with calls and advice from the usual UK G60 specialists. As he neared what he thought to be the final stages of tuning his G60, the final touch was needed - a custom map. With great expectations, a chip was installed from a major UK tuner and Bilal was itching to experience the gains from his modifications. Unfortunately it proved to be a colossal anti-climax. The drive home was slower than before the map swap from his German chip. Initial feelings of distraught were replaced with a new found determination to realise the performance the G60 was capable of. After a great deal of research and discussion with tuners around the world, Bilal came across SNS and made the call to Sam. The subsequent journey made to Atlanta resulted in the formation of SNS Tuning UK!

We now bring UK and European specific maps to the G-Lader scene - SNS style.

SNS will work with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We are chip tuners who will not snide you, we stand behind our work and most of all, we drive g60's daily.

Ask the competition:
When was the last time they modified their Digifant chips to improve performance?
Do they drive their chips every day and strive to improve them on a continuous basis?
Ask those chipmakers if the have time to chat about tuning your car?